Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Aesthetic Experience

Questions To Think About Before The Seminar:

1. Whats an example of an aethetic experience you had this week? What did it feel like? Was it enjoyable? Where was your attention? What, if anything, made it different to other, non aesthetic experiences?

2. What is the intrested/disintrested account of aesthetic experience?

3. Listen to this piece of music
 Tell me:
a) what time signature it has
b) what musical instruments are played
c) what are the lyrics to the first verse.

Then listen again and tell me if you enjoyed the music.

Is there a fundamental difference in kind to your two experiences of listening to the music? What would Dickie say?

4. What is Carroll's account of asthetic experinces?

5. What does Iseminger mean by "aesthetic state of mind"?

6.  Are there expereinces we vaule for their own sake which we dont think of as aesthetic experiences? (Perhaps being in love, having sex, laughing, or maybe you can think of others?) Is this a problem for Iseminger?

7. Can I be wrong about being in an aesthetic state of mind? (Ie can I think I am when Im not, or can I think Im not when I am). Is this a problem?

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