Saturday, 15 February 2014

Walton : Categories of Art

Before the seminar:

- choose 2 pieces of art that you like

1. What are their asethetic properties?

2. What are their non asethetic properties?
3. What cartegories and sub categories are they?

4. For the categories you listed in question 3, what features are;
*non standard

Can you think of artworks in these categories that have contra standard properties? If you added more contra standard properties, would the peice no longer be in that category?

4. Can we be wrong about what category an art work falls into? What do you think, and what does Walton think? Try and back up your position with examples.

5. What does Walton think determines what category an artwork belongs to? Do you think there is anything missing from the list, or anything that should be added?

6. Can some artworks fall into more than one category? Do you think Waltons account can deal with this?

7. If you answered yes in question 7, does this mean that an artwork can have contradictory aesthetic properties? Is this a problem?

8. Are there any art works which are impossible to categorise? If there were, would this matter for Walton?

9. Are aesthetic properties subjective? Does it matter?

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