Monday, 24 February 2014



1. What, in your experience, do you need to find out about an artwork in order to intrepret it?

2. Choose an artwork which you know a lot about. What is...
a) a property of the artwork itself
b) something causally upstream from the artwork
c)something causally downsteream from the artwork

3. What is strong internalism?

4. Can strong internalism account for failed intentions?

5. What is moderate actual intentionalism?

6. WHat is the intentionalist fallacy? Do you find it convinicng?

7. Can we intrepret a work against the authors intentions?

8. Does an author always have a specific intention?

9. What is Anti Intentionalism?

10. If I intrepret 'Romeo and Juliet' as a terrible comedy, would I be making a mistake? Why?

11. What is hypothetical intentionalism? Is it a stable position?

12. Suppose I come across an artwork trekking in the jungle. The artwork is from a lost culture, which I have no knowledge of. Can I intrepret the artwork?

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